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Polar bears

Polar Bears

Native to the Hudson Bay area, polar bears are the world’s largest land carnivores.

Beluga whales

Beluga Whales

From the Russian word beilo, meaning “white,” the beluga whales of western Hudson Bay number close to 60,000.

Churchill Manitoba Birds


There are a variety of arctic bird species native to Churchill and the Hudson Bay area.

Churchill, Manitoba Wild Flowers

Wild Flowers

Three surrounding ecosystems (maritime, tundra, and boreal forest) feature a wild array of plant species.

artic fox

Small Mammals

Many smaller indigenous mammals live among the large polar bear population.

Arctic fox

Northern Lights

The magical, colored lights dancing in the Arctic night sky are a wondrous phenomenon.

Arctic Crawler

Adventure Vehicles

Get nose to nose with a polar bear in our new Arctic Crawler.

Churchill, Manitoba Wild Flowers


See pictures of the Lodge and its beautiful surroundings.