Fabulous fall colours. Dancing rainbows of bright light in the night sky. Friendly locals, (human, furry and aquatic). And an unforgettable experience at Lazy Bear Lodge that will last a lifetime…

September is the perfect time to experience the beauty and wonder of the Canadian North. This six day fall tour to historic Churchill, Manitoba begins and ends with a night’s stay in Winnipeg and features three nights accommodation at Lazy Bear Lodge. Your days and evenings will be packed with colourful adventure and, hopefully, a view of that stunning spectacle of light, the Aurora Borealis as millions of electrically charged particles weave their way across the night sky to create shimmering curtains of coloured light. Each evening you’ll return home to our wood-fire heated log lodge, sumptuous local cuisine at our Lazy Bear Café, and your private room with all the modern amenities.

Rich in culture, tradition and history.

Take a Cultural and Heritage Tour of the town, seeing the sites and learning about the rich and fascinating history of the area. You’ll visit Cape Merry, a site dating back to 1717 and the very beginnings of the Hudson’s Bay Company, the world’s largest Polar Bear Prison and the Miss Piggy plane crash site (fabulous photo op!).

Enjoy learning about Churchill and the North during two distinct Parks Canada presentations. One will focus on the Indigenous Fur Trade History in and around Churchill and the other on the mysterious Northern Lights that are present in Churchill about 300 of the 365 days a year – weather depending of course!   

You will also get a glimpse into the customs, traditions and history of the Indigenous people at the Itsanitaq Museum, which boasts an exceptional collection of Inuit carvings created from whale bone, soapstone and antler.

The Churchill Northern Studies Center will provide an interpretive guided hike to the Rocket Range as well as a presentation to learn more about Polar Bears.

A Boreal Gardens Greenhouse Tour is a great way to learn about horticulture in Churchill. See how tomatoes and other garden produce normally grown 1000 miles to the south, thrive in our Arctic environment. Also, learn about how this can increase healthy foods in the community and help with local food challenges.


As the sun goes down and sets the horizon alight, you will take part in an exciting, authentic northern experience! Take a ride with a traditional dog musher and dog team. At this time of year, they use carts with wheels which is a great adaptation of the winter sledding! You’ll see that the dogs don’t mind at all—they’re just as excited as you are! You’ll even get to visit an Outfitter’s Camp and meet a real-life dog musher. He and his wife will regale you with entertaining stories and fill you in on the history of dog mushing while you enjoy a taste of local treats like bannock (a quick round bread) served with butter, local jam and delicious berry tea.

Meet the locals on land, water and in the air!

Hop on a Tundra Tour to the Churchill Wildlife Management Area aboard the Arctic Crawlers™, our custom-built “big white machines” that are used for viewing wildlife safely and comfortably. You’ll be traversing the tundra for a walk at sunset with the opportunity to view the Northern Lights. Don’t be surprised if you see Polar Bears “up close and personal” - they are curious about you too!

Take in the beautiful autumn colour by boat on a cruise down the Churchill River, to meet and greet our “Ambassadors of the North”, the gentle Beluga Whales.

Soar over the vast tundra in a helicopter while enjoying views of the magnificent coastline of Hudson Bay and the town of Churchill. Look for Moose, Caribou, Red and Arctic Fox, Ptarmigan, Arctic Hare, Belugas and Polar Bears.