Come join us for US Thanksgiving to experience our Family & Friends Northern Adventure! During your stay you will have the opportunity to see the town in depth, take a helicopter ride, go dog mushing, experience the Northern Lights, have a friends and family fun night and hop on an Arctic Crawler™!

You can learn all about Churchill and the surrounding area on the Cultural & Heritage Tour that will cover Cape Merry, an outside tour of the Polar Bear Jail, the Miss Piggy plane crash and many other historic sites around Churchill. Parks Canada will also provide a fascinating presentation on indigenous and fur trade history.

During our Arctic Crawler™ tour, our custom-built tundra vehicles will take you into the Churchill Wildlife Management Area as well as exploring the amazing Hudson Bay coastline. Learn all about the Polar Bears as you experience the remote and beautiful landscape and various wildlife which inhabit the area which could include Arctic Fox, Arctic Hare, camouflaged Ptarmigan and other wildlife.  

On the helicopter ride over the Hudson Bay coast line and tundra you will get a birds eye view of Churchill and the surrounding area. It is a great way to capture the vastness of the terrain with the possibility of viewing Moose, Caribou, Red and Arctic Fox and Polar Bears in the area.

Take a tour of the Itsanitaq Museum to view and learn about a fascinating collection of Inuit carvings and artifacts encapsulating the culture of Pre-Dorset and Dorset peoples in the area including the oldest in the world dating from 1700 B.C.

One evening you will participate in the authentic northern experience of Dog Mushing where you will experience the beautiful sunset and learn about the dog mushing culture and respectful training of the dogs. The dogs are eager and would love to host you on an exhilarating ride! You will also be treated to fresh bannock, local berry jam and hot beverages including local berry tea. Later that evening, if the sky is clear, you will also have the opportunity to see the Northern Lights away from the ambient light of the town about 15-20 minutes away from ‘downtown Churchill’.

We will take you out for another evening at the outfitters camp where you will hear more about the history of dog mushing and entertaining stories from the respected and renowned dog musher and his wife. This will be another opportunity to view the Northern Lights if they are making an appearance this evening.