Churchill Manitoba Polar Bears

Who We Are


Wally, born in Manitoba, has worked his entire adult life In Churchill's Polar Bear tour industry. Beginning as a guide in the early 1980's, Wally remembers those early years in Eco tourism as exciting but spartan. The small, uncomfortable equipment was often cold and unreliable. 

Wally and his wife Dawn began building the one-of-a-kind Lazy Bear Lodge in the 1990's. It was created from a tree line forest of gnarly and twisted Spruce and Tamarack trees left after a forest fire. 10 years of construction later, the lodge has become a paradigm of hard work and persistence, much like the lives of the hardy trees that exist and the people who live and work in the far north. 

Lazy Bear Expedition has become a fully integrated tour company operating every aspect of its tours to provide the very best in local expertise and innovative ideas.

Wally's concern for preserving Churchill's abundant and wild nature is very apparent. He has provided an accessible and comfortable platform for viewing Summer Polar Bears and Beluga Whales in July and August, and Fall Polar Bears in October and November. His passionate care for the abundance of Arctic wildlife can be seen in every part of the Lodge's operational mandate of sustainable tourism.

Wally is the President of the Churchill Beluga Whale Tour Operators Association.