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Polar Bear Tours in Churchill

Prepare to be Wowed! Lazy Bear Expeditions offers the best and most authentic experience and wildlife viewing available in and around Churchill. Lazy Bear has equal access to the Churchill Wildlife Management Area where the majority of the Polar Bears roam at this time of year. You will also have the opportunity to explore various areas providing you with the best viewing experience. We offer the most intimate and natural experience possible in Churchill. Along the way, look for Arctic Fox, Arctic Hare, Camouflaged Ptarmigan and other wildlife. Your photo album will thank you!

Churchill has more than one Polar Bear season! In the summer, in addition to our Beluga Boat tour, we have a longer Hudson Bay Coastal Boat Tour that goes out into the Hudson Bay for several hours where you can also see super pods of Beluga Whales as well as Polar Bears swimming in the water to cool off and hanging out or sunbathing by the shore.

Whale and Polar Bear Watching in Churchill

Attention all whale lovers! Join us on the newest and best boats in Churchill so we can get you further out to view the most belugas! This is your chance to be in the heart of all the action when 60,000 Beluga Whales (the highest concentration in the world!) descend upon Hudson Bay. Rendezvous with the whales on the Churchill River and into the mouth of the Hudson Bay as they feed on schools of Capelin, Arctic Char, Brook Trout and Cisco White Fish.

Besides viewing these sea canaries with our experienced guide on a boat tour, you may encounter other Tundra wildlife: the Pacific Loon, Ptarmigan, Arctic Hare, Arctic Fox, a plethora of wild flowers and possibly the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).

Experience Northern Lights

Experience fabulous fall colours, fantastic wildlife, and an unforgettable experience at Lazy Bear Lodge that will last a lifetime! During your adventure to historic Churchill, Manitoba your days will be packed with colourful adventure, and an immersion into the culture of Churchill. You will have an opportunity to view the Northern Lights each evening weather depending. 

Authentic Northern Lodge

Be welcomed home at Churchill’s only authentic Northern Wilderness Lodge. Lazy Bear Lodge offers the best in everything, including accommodations, comfort, customer service and dining! After your days adventures, come home to the Lazy Bear Lodge to a cozy fireplace, our unique and creative café and the best restaurant experience in Churchill! Delight your taste buds with delicious and fresh food available at the Lazy Bear Café. At the end of the day, retire to your one of a kind hand-built log room!