Polar Bears of Churchill Manitoba

Come as a stranger, leave as a friend.

After an invigorating day out experiencing the thrill of an outdoor arctic adventure, you'll return to the warm, inviting coziness of the this unique lodge to experience real northern hospitality. 

Few people know about the wonders of Churchill, Manitoba, and even fewer have had the pleasure of visiting. But those who have made the journey have experienced a world virtually untouched by human hands.

Whether you explore the lush boreal forest and its wildlife, the rocky Hudson Bay coastline teaming with Beluga Whales, or come to visit the great Polar Bear, in Churchill you’ll find yourself in a clean, natural place--approachable, but still out of the way.

Churchill, Manitoba, Canada has been called the “accessible arctic”. That's because it is on the warmer southwestern shore of Hudson Bay and can be reached by plane or rail. Travelling by plane gives you a view of the magnificent Hudson Bay and its unique rocky and wild coast. For those who enjoy the train, you can see the slowly changing landscape as you move north through the boreal forest and eventually permafrost and the wild tundra.

There are a lot of exciting reasons to visit Churchill, no matter which way you choose to get there. It is a town of less than 1000 in a sea of wilderness. The vista is pristine- no billboards, no chain restaurants, no traffic jams and no street noise. In this place where the creek water is cleaner than any brand-name bottled kind, there is unique sense of freedom where you can go in any direction and not meet a single soul.

Though Churchill's landscape may be arctic, it is anything but barren. It is home to 500 species of arctic wildflowers and boreal plants, over 225 species of birds, and more than 300 nights of northern lights activity. And, of course, there are the polar bears and the belugas! Lazy Bear Expeditions offers you the chance to take exciting polar bear and beluga whale expeditions and to stay in an authentic Northern Lodge after your breathtaking daytime adventures.

Don't miss a chance to visit Churchill, Manitoba, Canada--a humble town in a majestic location. 

3D Map Churchill Manitoba
Polar Bears of Churchill

Polar Bears of Churchill

The lion may be the king of the jungle, but the polar bear is the ruler of the arctic. This powerful and mighty creature is a natural wonder, an animal that lives mostly on ice sheets, swims in freezing waters, and can also survive on land.

Beluga Whales of Hudson Bay

Beluga Whales in the Churchill area are among the most watched creatures in the world—by scientists and adventurers alike. The uniquely white whales are charming, playful, natural singers, and, despite their immense size, are graceful and beautiful to watch. 

Canadian Wildlife

Canadian Wildlife

Wildlife in the Churchill area is abundant, with many rare and wonderful species to see. Some leave for the winter and some, uniquely equipped to deal with the snowy conditions, remain behind all year.

Canadian Northern Lights

Canadian Northern Lights

The Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, are a wondrous and even mysterious natural phenomenon. These shimmering ribbons of rainbow-coloured light dance across the night sky 300 days a year.
Churchill Area Attractions

Churchill Area Attractions

Churchill Manitoba Canada is one of the best places in the world to view the Arctic and all its wonders.

From polar bears and beluga whales to northern lights and the pristine waters of Hudson Bay, the Arctic is a virtually untouched modern wilderness, a place of beauty, peace and magic.

Boreal Gardens Research

Boreal Gardens Research is Manitoba’s most northern farm. We are an organic greenhouse farm located on farm property located directly on Hudson Bay. All our produce is 100% organically grown using locally produced soil mixed from natural clay, aquatic loam, peat moss (lichen derivative) and organic boreal compost. We strive to provide Lazy Bear Expeditions with a 100% sustainable vegetable, greens, and herb market. Our sustainable produce feeds hundreds each year with wholesome produce grown north of Canada’s tree line here in the Sub-Arctic.