Polar Bears of Churchill

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Polar Bears: Rulers of the Arctic

The lion may be the king of the jungle, but the Polar Bear is the ruler of the arctic—the ultimate apex predator! This powerful and mighty creature is a natural wonder, an animal that lives mostly on ice sheets, swims in freezing waters, and can also survive on land. There is no better opportunity to view these fascinating creatures than on an adventure with Lazy Bear Expeditions in the area around Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.

Each year in mid-summer, after Hudson Bay has thawed, Polar Bears swim to the coast and spread out over the area to wait out the summer months where you can see them on our Ultimate Bears and Belugas. Summer Adventure. In fall during October and November these amazing animals gather together on the shores near Churchill as they prepare to return, en masse, to the newly forming sea ice of Hudson Bay and begin their trek north towards the high arctic. The best place to view them is aboard one of our Arctic Crawlers™ on our Ultimate Polar Bear Adventure.

Ice, Ice Baby

Polar Bears spend their time on the sea ice where they feed on seals, patiently waiting on cracking ice and nearby water holes for them to appear. Seals are a main staple of the Polar Bear menu because they are plentiful and provide the ideal fatty diet. But Polar Bears will also occasionally eat fish, and will even hunt whales if the opportunity arises. Because of their size—they can weigh up to 1600 pounds--the mighty Polar Bear has no natural predators and lives to be 25 to 30 years old.

The Polar Bear is uniquely adapted to live on ice. Not only is its body covered by a heavy coat but its paws are fur-lined both for warmth and a strong grip on the slippery surface. Their white fur is a perfect camouflage in their surroundings but, for warmth, their skin is actually black in order to capitalize on the sun's rays.

Summertime and the living is lazy

Polar Bears have also adapted to live on land. In the spring the melted waters of Hudson Bay force these ice inhabitants onto the coast where their main meals—seals—are not often found. Unlike their southern counterparts, these bears do not hibernate but spend their downtime relaxing on the coast, sunning themselves, napping, wandering along the rocky shores, and taking cool dips in the water—their own all-inclusive vacation.

Polar Bears are also uniquely suited to aquatic activities as they have webbed paws and they enjoy swimming in the warmer southern climates. Taking a boat trip to visit these amazing bears in summer gives you a perfect chance to see them swimming and walking around the rocks and wildflowers on the majestic Hudson Bay coast.

Home sweet home

Looking to return to their icy habitat, the tired polar bears gather together along the shore to prepare for their journey home. Seeing these majestic creatures excitedly waiting for the ice to appear is a truly wondrous experience.

Take a Lazy Bear Expedition to the shores of Hudson Bay to view the majestic and wondrous polar bear. We know where to look, how to get you there and how to ensure you have the safest and most complete viewing experience possible. You can take the Ultimate Polar Bear Adventure in October or November and see these bears gathering en masse. You can see them in summer too if you know where to look, and we do! Lazy Bear Expeditions offers you the chance to see both the Beluga Whales and Polar Bears on the Ultimate Bears and Belugas. Summer Adventure. See it for yourself, book an expedition today!

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