It’s now so easy being green!

A 100% sustainable organic greenhouse—it’s our freshest idea yet!

Our 40 acre Boreal Forest Research Facility is Manitoba’s most northerly farm, located directly on the beautiful shores of Hudson Bay. Here you’ll find our Lazy Bear Organic Greenhouse where we grow all our own produce through a fascinating combo of technology, hands—on hard work and good old TLC.

We are proudly pesticide & fertilizer free.

From the ground up our greenhouse is 100% organic. In fact, we actually mix and blend our own soil utilizing the natural ingredients we find locally. Nutritional additions like clay, seaweed, naturally occurring peat moss, and mineral rich sediment from ponds and the nearby river make up the special soil blend in which we grow the highest grade produce possible.

A remarkable ten month growing season in the Sub-Arctic.

Through innovative planning, planting, nurturing, transplanting and harvesting a variety of vegetables (over a remarkable ten months of the year!) we provide our Lazy Bear Café with high quality, 100% organic, fresh produce. We grow all our own tomatoes (1,000 lbs. last season), carrots, peas, beans, peppers, lettuce, herbs and rhubarb. We have even recently planted an orchard that will supply us with fresh apples from the first fruit trees grown at this northern latitude. We love that our talented Chefs can step into our greenhouse and pick delicious fresh ingredients to compliment the day’s culinary masterpiece. And, of course, all vegetable waste from our kitchen is composted and returned to the soil where the cycle starts all over again!
Greenhouse tomatoes
Looking at an even more energy efficient future.

Our greenhouse has an 800-amp power and switching station, utilizing hydro-generated electricity, a renewable energy source. We rely on solar power and double core plastic insulation to reduce energy costs and impact on the environment.

Our future plans include implementing wind-generated power to provide electricity to the facility and selling back the surplus power. A partial automatic watering system is currently in place and the technology for obtaining a larger water supply, which would allow for a more extensive use of early spring snow melt, is also in the works.

Delicious. Nutritious. 100% Sustainable!


We at Lazy Bear Expeditions stand by a strong commitment to preserving and protecting the habitats of our arctic wildlife, to respect the traditions of and provide employment for our local population and to be as self sufficient and sustainable as we can be.

Historic. Authentic. Eco-friendly.

We built the Lazy Bear Lodge ourselves, using hand tools and with the help of local craftspeople, over a 10 year period. 90% recycled logs (representing 30 species of tree, including White and Black Spruce and Eastern Larch) that were harvested after fires ravaged the area in 1990 and 1997 were used in the construction. Interior finishing of the Lodge featured recycling lumber salvaged from the old Canadian National Railway Warehouse, (originally built in 1919), as well as from a local old church and a community hall. Wavy, antique window glass was recycled from an historic 1800’s Hudson Bay Trading Post and used in the windows in the Lodge. We also added to the natural rustic ambiance of the structure by utilizing beautiful local stone to finish the interior walls and the Lodge’s centerpiece—the magnificent fireplace.

Powered by a passion to protect.

By strategically harnessing solar and wind power and utilizing 600 watts of cap/deep cycle batteries we provide power for facilities such as our marina and dock.

Our unique whale watching boats are powered by high-efficiency 4 stroke engines and are Prop Guard™ protected to ensure the safety of the marine life while we are amongst them.

A 100% sustainable organic greenhouse—delicious and nutritious!

Our Lazy Bear Organic Greenhouse located on our 40 acre Boreal Forest Research Facility (Manitoba’s most northerly farm.) We grow all our own high quality, fresh produce and stock our Lazy Bear Café with tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, peas, beans, peppers, lettuce, herbs and rhubarb even fresh fruit. Our Chefs can step into our greenhouse and pick delicious, fresh 100% organic ingredients to create their magic!
Greenhouse lettuce
Always improving to eliminate single use plastics.

At Lazy Bear Lodge, we use recyclable containers for all our expedition and off premises meals. Dishes and utensils are composed of melamine, steel or biodegradable vegetable based bi-product. We also encourage guests on our excursions to bring their own refillable water bottles.

Our passion to showcase this beautiful but fragile land is ongoing, and we are continually striving to find better ways to protect it and all its inhabitants by consistently employing technology, intelligence and humanity in everything we do.