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Ultimate Polar Bear Adventure

*Inquire about bonus helicopter tour on select dates.

  • Season: October - November
  • Location: Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
  • Duration: 5 Nights

Prepare to be wowed! You will spend two full days on the Tundra tracking and observing the majestic Polar Bear up close and personal! Each day you’ll explore the amazing Hudson Bay coastline and along the way, look for Arctic Fox, Arctic Hare, Camouflaged Ptarmigan and other wildlife. You'll also have a Dog Mushing Experience (evening) and a Culture and Heritage Tour of historic Churchill, Manitoba. After your day's adventures, you'll return home to our cozy wood-fire heated log lodge, sumptuous local cuisine at our Lazy Bear Cafe, and your warm room with comfy beds and all the modern amenities.

  • Season: July - August
  • Location: Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
  • Duration: 6 Nights

With 60,000 Beluga Whales filling the Hudson Bay and Polar Bears leaving the melting sea ice, summer is an amazing time to visit Churchill! Over the course of this five-day adventure, our experienced guides will take you to beautiful wild places that offer the very best opportunities to see Polar Bears, Beluga Whales, and many other inhabitants of the summer sub-arctic, including birds, seals, Arctic Hare and Arctic Fox to name but a few. 

  • Season: June - September
  • Location: Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
  • Duration: 2 Nights

Whale lovers, this is your chance to be in the heart of all the action when 60,000 Beluga Whales (the highest concentration in the world!) descend upon Hudson Bay. You will rendezvous with the whales on the Churchill River and into the Hudson Bay as they feed on schools of Capelin, Arctic Char, Brook Trout and Cisco White Fish. 

Arctic Crawler summer 2
LBL new boat 2013

Enjoy the ride!

Each polar bear expedition includes an experience in our modern Arctic Crawler™, a state-of-the-art four-wheel-drive specialty vehicle. In the fall, we search the Churchill Wildlife Management Area and explore the Hudson Bay coastline where polar bears are waiting for the Bay to freeze. On the bonus summer tundra tour, you can experience the vehicle and the various flora and fauna of the tundra. We also go along the coastline and see beautiful picturesque scenery and beluga whales swimming near the shores.

Arctic Crawler™: Explore the wild tundra

Custom built exclusively for Lazy Bear Expeditions, our Arctic Crawlers™ are designed for the rough, rugged terrain of the Churchill Wildlife Management Area along the Hudson Bay coastline. We use the trails once developed during the Cold War by the military to test equipment and soldiers. Our Arctic Crawlers™ are spacious vehicles with large windows and a viewing deck, but are also propane heated, sound insulated and with washroom facilities for your comfort. The Arctic Crawler™ uses large, wide, high floatation tires designed to run flat if necessary and made to create as few pounds as possible per square inch on the tundra. This allows you to travel through very deep snow while still following the designated trails. A sophisticated heating system keeps our engines going even in Polar Bear temperatures, so you don't miss a thing. Quick access to the outdoors includes easy-slide windows for each seat as well as a spacious expanded metal deck that allows you to see the bears both around and below you. Your full-day trip wouldn't be complete without a hearty lunch and an assortment of hot and cold beverages and snacks throughout your day. Enjoy a truly arctic experience in comfort and style on a Lazy Bear Arctic Crawler™.

The Sam Hearne: Custom built for your adventure

Specifically designed for an arctic marine experience, the Sam Hearne is a modern 3-engine cruiser built and designed to explore the most remote parts of Western Hudson Bay and to see arctic wildlife in river estuaries and points of land. Full wraparound views and a screen give you a complete undersea radar look at whales and schooling fish. An underwater microphone enhances your ultra-marine experience. The hull is equipped with a teflon plastic coating allowing it to navigate the shallow waters and the jet drives on the outside of the boat contain no exposed moving parts in order to protect our undersea friends. For an overland adventure, the Sam Hearne has a front drop-down deck allowing you to disembark and hike with our guides in Polar Bear country.

Following its namesake, the explorer Sam Hearne, your boat trip retraces his steps as he traversed this area back in the 1700s. Unlike the explorer, you'll experience this rugged beauty in custom comfort. Included in your adventure are arctic survival suits, a hearty field lunch, and an on-board lavatory. On your Lazy Bear adventure, you'll get a chance to explore it all, up close and personal, from this 44-foot long Canadian Coastguard certified craft.

Summer Adventure Add Ons




  • Only in Churchill can you go snorkeling with the Beluga Whales. Get up close and personal with these gentle giants under the watchful eye of experienced tour guides.
  • Season: June – Sept.
  • Duration: 3 hours

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  • See the Beluga Whales up close and personal on a memorable kayak adventure on the Churchill River.

  • Season: June – Sept.
  • Duration: 3 hours

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