COVID-19 Update

Dear Valued Guests and Future Guests:

Lazy Bear Lodge Ltd. is committed to giving each one of our guests a legendary experience.

Rest assured, even now, as the world faces the challenges of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), this same commitment continues.  At the forefront of this commitment is the safety of you our guests, team members and our staff.  Our staff is working full time from home in preparation for Lodge opening scheduled several weeks from now.  Out of care and concern for all, Lazy Bear Lodge Ltd. is outlining the precautions being taken.

Our Company has developed an internal task force, whose purpose is to actively monitor and follow the latest guidelines laid out by specialists including those from Federal & Provincial Government, and others, as this dynamic situation rapidly changes.  We will adapt our recommendations, advice and approaches appropriately as information becomes available and plans require initiation during this fluid situation.   As we face many decisions that need to be made, we ask for your patience and understanding, ever keeping the long-term perspective in mind.  We firmly believe that our industry is resilient.  With comprehensive proactive measures being put into place, it will lessen the impact on individuals and businesses around the world.

We understand that our guests and employees may have questions regarding our sanitation protocols and practices.  As always, Lazy Bear Lodge Ltd. is keeping the safety and our guests experience at the top of our priorities.  Some of our implemented measures include, but are not limited to:

  1. As the situation evolves, using various means, each of our team members is being comprehensively informed and trained on our new, more stringent sanitation process. 
  2. Placing hand sanitizer in key areas;
  3. Constant reminders about the importance of hand washing;
  4. If a guest or employee appears unwell, our staff will make inquiries of the person in regard to their health.  This can include consultation with a third-party health provider.  If they are unfit for travel or work, necessary arrangements will be made.
  5. Lazy Bear Lodge Ltd. continues its policy of encouraging unwell individuals to remain at home.
  6. It has been stated that COVID – 19 can be more easily contained by routine surface cleaning and sanitizations.  Lazy Bear Lodge Ltd. uses cleaning products, which are proven effective against human coronavirus. 
  7.  In all our facilities, quaternary sanitizer is used in the Lodge during each room cleaning and general areas daily during the overnight shift.
  8. In all our expeditions and our equipment (boats, Arctic Crawlers™, zodiacs, transport vehicles), we use quaternary sanitizer after each group has completed their tour and again 30 minutes prior to our next upcoming tour.
  9. Our protocols include, but are not limited to tabletops, table legs, chair arm rests, chair legs, highchairs, debit/credit payment machines, telephones, high traffic areas, kitchen surfaces, and all surfaces with direct contact of the pubic.    Washrooms in rooms and general areas, are sanitized using bleach-based compound on a daily basis per ongoing additional protocols. 

We thank you for your understanding as we stand together to weather this unique and challenging situation before us all.  Your loyalty is not taken for granted and very much appreciated.  A heart felt thank you to all our valued guests!

Lazy Bear Lodge Ltd. o/a Lazy Bear Expeditions

Walter Daudrich, President