Whale lovers, this is your chance to be in the heart of all the action when 60,000 Beluga Whales (the highest concentration in the world!) descend upon Hudson Bay. You will rendezvous with the whales on the Churchill River and into the Hudson Bay as they feed on schools of Capelin, Arctic Char, Brook Trout and Cisco White Fish.

Besides viewing these sea canaries with our experienced guide on a jet boat tour, you may encounter other Tundra wildlife:  the Pacific Loon, Ptarmigan, Arctic Hare, Arctic Fox, a plethora of wild flowers and possibly the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).  The Prince of Wales Fort is also included.  Add-on tours are available to Kayak with the beautiful belugas.

Back in town, the Cultural and Heritage Tour takes you to historic Cape Merry and an outside tour of the ‘Polar Bear Jail’.  Polar Bears that wander into town are held there, awaiting their return to the wild. You will also visit the famous plane crash site of "Miss Piggy", and many other historic spots that make Churchill the town it is today. You may walk around and take pictures or remain on the bus.