With 60,000 Beluga Whales filling the Hudson Bay and Polar Bears leaving the melting sea ice, summer is an amazing time to visit Churchill! Over the course of this five-day adventure, our experienced guides will take you to beautiful wild places that offer the very best opportunities to see Polar Bears, Beluga Whales, Arctic Sik Siks, over 200 nesting or migrating bird species, seals, Arctic Hare, Arctic Fox, and more.

Our guides will take you in the Sam Hearne--a coast guard certified custom-built boat--on an adventure to experience one of the more remote Polar Bear viewing areas on the west side of Hudson Bay. You will have the opportunity to view polar bears in their summer environment, swimming and walking around the rocks and wildflowers. Weather and wildlife permitting, you will disembark the boat and walk with polar bears.

Along the same shoreline, hundreds of Beluga Whales come to feed, mate and give birth in the warm, shallow near-coastal waters. Our Beluga Whale Boat/Fort Tour will focus on viewing the beautiful beluga whales in their natural habitat in the Churchill River and into the Hudson Bay area as they feed on schools of caplin, arctic char and brook trout. We will also go ashore for a walking tour of the historic Prince of Wales Fort. Snorkeling and kayaking with the whales are available as optional extras.  

Next, we will tour the Tundra in our Arctic Crawlers™ to view the beautiful landscape and varied wildlife in the area. (These are the same vehicles used for the fall Tundra Tour.) You may see over 200 nesting and migrating birds, fields of wild flowers so colorful that they don’t seem real, seals, small mammals such as the Arctic Hare and Arctic Fox. Back at the Lodge, after a delectable supper, you will possibly see the Northern Lights. 

The Cultural and Heritage Tour takes you to Churchill and the surrounding area where you will be exploring various historic sites. These include Cape Merry, an outside tour of the polar bear holding facility, the wreckage of the famous plane, "Miss Piggy", and many other historic sites that make Churchill the town it is today. You may walk around and take pictures or stay on the bus if you prefer.


Expedition Details

  1. 4 nights at the Lazy Bear Lodge
  2. 2 nights in Winnipeg (pre & post stay)
  3. Hudson Bay Coastal Boat Tour to see Polar Bears and other arctic wildlife (6-8 hours).
  4. Beluga Whale Boat Tour/Fort Tour to see Beluga Whales in the water and walking tour of the historic Prince of Wales Fort (3 hours)
  5. Cultural and Heritage Tour of the Churchill area, including historic Cape Merry and the Polar Bear Jail (Approx. 3 hours)
  6. Tour of the Tundra to see arctic wildlife and wildflowers (3-4 hours)
  7. A hearty breakfast served each morning of your stay
  8. Naturalist Tour Guide
  9. One dinner entrée of your choice from the Lazy Bear Café menu (vegetarian substitute available)
  10. Shuttle Service between the airport and the Lodge upon arrival and departure. Transfers and baggage handling included
  11. Round-trip service from/to Winnipeg/Churchill by aircraft