With 60,000 Beluga Whales filling the Hudson Bay and Polar Bears leaving the melting sea ice, summer is an amazing time to visit Churchill! During our Ultimate Bears & Belugas Summer Adventure come aboard our brand new flagship vessel the Matonabee, the ONLY Arctic touring vessel with underwater viewing on the planet, and explore the Hudson Bay coastline where the majestic polar bear are migrating at this time of year! Our beautiful Arctic Crawlers™ will take you to experience the vast expanse of the tundra with its beautiful flora and fauna and wildlife. Over the course of this five-day adventure, our experienced guides will take you to beautiful wild places that offer the very best opportunities to see Polar Bears, Beluga Whales, Arctic Sik Siks, over 200 nesting or migrating bird species, seals, Arctic Hare, Arctic Fox, and more. We are the only company in Churchill that goes to where the Polar Bears are at this time!

two bears on shore