• Are there age restrictions on this Expedition?

    This expedition is limited to children 8 and up.
  • What is a single supplement fee?

    A single supplement fee covers the loss of income by the lodge when one single person occupies a room. That person pays a premium as room availability is limited during our operating seasons.
  • What other things are there to do in Churchill in October or November?

    You will have the opportunity to do helicopter tours, visit the Parks Canada center at the Churchill train station where they provide films, slideshows and lectures to visitors and see the Itsanitaq Museum. Dog Mushing is included in the Expedition.
  • What type of planes will we be flying in from Winnipeg to Churchill and return?

    Your flight between Winnipeg and Churchill will be with Calm-air on either a chartered or regular flight. Further instructions will be provided upon booking and/or with your travel documents.
  • What are the typical temperatures in Churchill in October and November?

    The average temperature in October is about 0 to -10 degrees Celsius (32 to 14 Fahrenheit) and in November about -5 to -20 degrees Celsius (23 to -4 Fahrenheit).

  • What payment types are accepted?

    Winnipeg Office: For Reservations in Winnipeg we accept Visa and MasterCard. 
    All payments are charged in Canadian Funds. If applicable, funds will be converted to US Funds by your credit card company at the exchange rate they use at the time of processing.

    At The Lodge: Lazy Bear Expeditions, Lodge & Café accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit and cash.

    US credit card or debit: All payments are charged in Canadian Funds and converted to US Funds by your bank or credit card company at the exchange rate they use at the time of processing.

    Cash: US and Canadian currencies are accepted. It is best to bring Canadian Funds because US Funds are accepted at par with Canadian currency.
  • What should I pack for the trip?

    We recommend bringing warm and layered clothing to prepare for wind, snow, and freezing temperatures. (Even though our tour vehicles are heated, you will need to stay warm when on the viewing deck and while the windows are open.)
    • Long underwear, snug but comfortable fitting outerwear, and a fleece jacket or sweater. Outer clothing should consist of a windproof material, with an attached hood or very warm hat.

    • We highly recommend a pair of ski or wind pants to keep heat around your torso and lower body. A jacket alone will not do this.

    • Gloves should have ample insulation. Gloves may look like ski gloves and should have an upper extension to cover your wrist as well as your hands.

    • Warm boots with thick insulation and good grip, such as Sorel and Kamik, are a must.

    • Spare batteries for each camera type you bring.

    • Charging cords for laptops, cell phones, tablets.

    • We also recommend bringing along a small carry-on bag with your absolute necessities just in case your luggage makes it to Churchill after you do.

  • Do you go into the Churchill Wildlife Management Area?

    The Churchill Wildlife Management Area is a coveted area with limited access and predesignated trails to protect and preserve the Polar Bears natural habitat. We hold permits that gain us equal access to this area allowing you the best and most intimate opportunity for Polar Bear viewing.