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About Lazy Bear Lodge

At Lazy Bear Lodge, the thrill of the arctic doesn't end when you return to the Lodge. That's because the Lodge itself is an authentic northern wonder!

This is no regular log cabin. The timber was reclaimed from a fire in the boreal forest. Using hand tools, the logs fit together so well as to appear as if they were melted into each other. The windows were recycled from an 1800's Hudson Bay Trading Post, and if you look closely, you'll see the characteristic wave of the old glass.

Come inside and feel the warmth of the massive stone fireplace, crafted from a 20,000 pound block of stone and mortar. Even the floor came from recycled Douglas Fir from the Canadian National Railway warehouse built in the early 1920's.

The stay at the Lazy Bear Lodge is as unique an adventure as the expeditions you choose.

Lazy Bear Lodge is recognized by Trip Advisor for receiving consistently great reviews.


We are very pleased that National Geographic Traveler magazine has selected Lazy Bear Lodge as one of its top hotels.The vetting panel of travel experts includes veteran journalists, seasoned road warriors, and local experts.

The Stay List 2009 winners totaled 129 hotels throughout Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico and the United States. Only 13 Canadian properties were selected. Nominations were based on key criteria: Is the hotel engaged with the local community? Does it subscribe to sustainable practices that respect the region? 

Does it truly capture the spirit of its setting? We think you’ll agree the Lazy Bear Lodge reflects the natural beauty of the Arctic Tundra in and around the greater Churchill area. The Stay List 2009 is featured in the April 2009 issue of National Geographic Traveler.

It all began when...

The design and construction of the Lodge came about in the 1980's. Wally Daudrich, Owner and Founder of Lazy Bear Lodge, was a local Polar Bear tour guide who saw the potential of turning two tragic forest fires into a positive experience for visitors to this Arctic wonderland.

His plan was to create an eco-friendly lodge that would reflect the history and beauty of its surroundings—a warm and cozy haven in the wilderness. Little did he know it would take ten years. With construction beginning in 1995 and completion in 2005, Wally and his family have put their heart and soul into the Lodge, and it shows!

According to Wally, “It took a long time and was a tough go, but it's all worth it when we see our guests' happy faces as they return from a great day of exploring the wonders of the natural Arctic world around us.”

Lazy Bear Café

A one-of-a-kind dining experience

Comfortable, hand-built log furnishings await you at the end of your day's adventures in the unique dining room. Indigenous foods such as Braised Peppered Elk, Arctic Char and Manitoba Bison grace the tables. Finding foods from this seemingly barren landscape may seem impossible; 15 kinds of wild berries and numerous species of mushrooms can be gathered in the area. The made-from-scratch main entrees provide a culinary adventure each day.

Wally and Dawn have recently added a greenhouse, allowing chefs to use local, fresh organic produce to create delectable offerings for our dining room guests.

The Café is located in The Lodge.

  • Summer hours are 7 A.M. to 9 P.M. daily, 7 days a week.
  • Fall/Winter hours starting October 10th are 6 A.M. to 9 P.M. daily, 7 days a week.
  • Restaurant open June 17th to November 21st, 2019. Closed for Winter and Spring.

The Café does not serve alcohol.


Boreal Gardens Research

Boreal Gardens Research is Manitoba’s most northern farm. We are an organic greenhouse farm located on farm property located directly on Hudson Bay. All our produce is 100% organically grown using locally produced soil mixed from natural clay, aquatic loam, peat moss (lichen derivative) and organic boreal compost. We strive to provide Lazy Bear Expeditions with a 100% sustainable vegetable, greens, and herb market. Our sustainable produce feeds hundreds each year with wholesome produce grown north of Canada’s tree line here in the Sub-Arctic.

The Lodge

A Home Away From Home

At Lazy Bear, you'll get all the modern amenities you need in our log cabin rooms and authentic northern lodge, creating a warm and comfortable environment in the midst of the wilderness. At Lazy Bear, you'll have access to:

  • Coffee! There is an espresso bar in the restaurant and coffee and tea are available in the lobby anytime. Coffee makers are also provided in the room.
  • Free Wi-fi is available throughout the lodge for your own laptops and devices
  • High speed internet
  • A 24-hour telephone system
  • A private modern bath/shower complete with hairdryer
  • Handicap-Accessible Rooms - Please let us know in advance if you require a main floor room, either for wheel chair access or to avoid climbing stairs. We have a ramp for easy access into the building
  • A smoke-free environment throughout the building
  • Cable television with 3 movie channels
Lazy Bear Lodge outside
Where in Churchill is Lazy Bear Lodge located? What is within walking distance?

Lazy Bear Lodge is located at 313 Kelsey Blvd. which is Churchill's main street. A walk across the town of Churchill is approximately 15 minutes one way. The Eskimo Museum and Canada Parks Museum (at the train station) as well as several gift shops are within walking distance.

What payment types are accepted?

In Churchill: Lazy Bear Expeditions and Cafe accepts Visa, MasterCard, Debit and cash. 
Both US and Canadian currencies are accepted in Churchill.

All charges will be in Canadian funds. If applicable funds will be converted to US Funds by your credit card company or bank at the exchange rate they use at the time of processing.

Cash: It is best to bring Canadian Funds because US Funds are accepted at par with Canadian currency.  

Who We Are


Wally, born in Manitoba, has worked his entire adult life In Churchill's Polar Bear tour industry. Beginning as a guide in the early 1980's, Wally remembers those early years in Eco tourism as exciting but spartan. The small, uncomfortable equipment was often cold and unreliable. 

Wally and his wife Dawn began building the one-of-a-kind Lazy Bear Lodge in the 1990's. It was created from a tree line forest of gnarly and twisted Spruce and Tamarack trees left after a forest fire. 10 years of construction later, the lodge has become a paradigm of hard work and persistence, much like the lives of the hardy trees that exist and the people who live and work in the far north.

Lazy Bear Expedition has become a fully integrated tour company operating every aspect of its tours to provide the very best in local expertise and innovative ideas.

Wally's concern for preserving Churchill's abundant and wild nature is very apparent. He has provided an accessible and comfortable platform for viewing Summer Polar Bears and Beluga Whales in July and August, and Fall Polar Bears in October and November. His passionate care for the abundance of Arctic wildlife can be seen in every part of the Lodge's operational mandate of sustainable tourism.

Wally is the President of the Churchill Beluga Whale Tour Operators Association.

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