Churchill Area Attractions

Churchill Manitoba Canada is one of the best places in the world to view the Arctic and all its wonders. From Polar Bears to Beluga Whales, Northern lights to the pristine waters of Hudson Bay, the Arctic is a virtually untouched modern wilderness, a place of beauty, peace and magic.

Churchill Manitoba is also home to unique human-created sites like the Prince of Wales Fort, the Battery at Cape Merry, a Polar Bear home away from home, and the Miss Piggy Crash Site!


Natural Wonders

The sociable and fun-loving Beluga Whales visit the area in the thousands in July and August. These majestic white mammals are not only beautiful but are known as “sea canaries” for their musical chirps, clicks and whirs—and they can mimic other sounds too! Plus, they are friendly and curious and will even try to swim up to boats to check out the action. Come on up to Churchill this summer and see for yourself!

And, of course, there are the Polar Bears. Although they are wildly known for their presence on the tundra in the fall, these unique white bears come to the coast in summer to rest after living on sea ice hunting.

The Northern Lights are a stunning natural wonder that must be seen in the Arctic to truly be appreciated in its greatest glory. Also known as Aurora Borealis, these rainbow-like ribbons of colour appear mainly at the North and South poles. In fact, Churchill is one of the three best places in the world to see them because of its accessibility and lack of light pollution. And one great way to see them is on the evening dog mushing experience.


Historic Sites

Just outside of Churchill, the Prince of Wales Fort was built 250 years ago on the shores of Cape Merry. Designed for the fur trade, this massive installation took the Hudson's Bay Company nearly 40 years to build. Adapted to its harsh arctic conditions, its unique star shaped bastions, cannon embrasures and thick walls fit the terrain of the cape, making it a must-see Canadian historic site.

Located at the mouth of the Churchill River, Cape Merry is home to a stone cannon battery that was constructed in 1746 to provide additional protection for the Prince of Wales Fort. Not only is the site a sight to see, but it's also an excellent location for watching whales, waterfowl and migrating birds, or simply enjoying the panoramic view.

Visit the outside of the Polar Bear Jail which is used to hold bears who have wandered into town. Designed to protect these huge, up-to-1600-pound creatures from unhealthy garbage eating and unwanted contact with humans, this site provides a safe way for both bears and humans to get up close and personal!

The Miss Piggy Crash Site is the wreckage of a freight plane that, in November 1979, developed engine trouble after takeoff and managed a forced landing among the rocks. Why the plane is called Miss Piggy is something of a mystery but some think it once carried pigs on board and some think it was because it was often carrying excess cargo. Fortunately, there were no fatalities in the crash and today it is not only a landmark but has also appeared in a movie!

The Churchill area is a nature and history-lover's dream destination and Lazy Bear Expeditions is a great way to see all of these sites with the experts who know how to get you there. Come visit us soon!
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